Friday, November 14, 2008

What's that white stuff

What I'm reading: Steeplechase by Blair Bancroft

I wish I could say the trip went smoothly -- but that would be stretching the truth. However, it's unfair to blame the airlines for what Mother Nature throws at them.

We took off on time. Hubby accepted the upgrade --given it's a 1 hour flight to Atlanta, and I had an exit row aisle seat and there's no service in either cabin, I won't even give him a hard time about 'abandoning me'. As it turned out, nobody took his seat, so I had lots of room.

However, watching the flight track on the in-seat screen, the straight line between Orlando and Atlanta started doing loops and zig zags. Bad weather had closed the Atlanta airport, and everything was stuck on hold until it opened. Once it did, we landed, but due to all the aircraft juggling for position, we were on the ground for over half an hour before we got to our gate. Our departure gate had moved from the too-good-to-be-true right next to the arrival gate to another terminal, so we did the race through the airport and just made our flight.

Although we pushed away from the gate on time, the back-up meant there were about 35 planes ahead of us waiting to take off. Another good half hour. And, there was no 'smooth air' so the seat belt sign was on until 30 minutes before landing. No meal (even if it was 'for purchase') or beverage service. I think first class got fed, but hubby wasn't upgraded on this leg, so no grumbles.

But we arrived safe and sound, and to our surprise, so did our luggage. I've been enjoying watching our grandson -- he's at that stage where everything is fascinating. They sure didn't have toys like that when our kids were little, but he's still just as happy with wrapping paper as the gift inside.

Jet-lag plus an early awakening to make our flight meant we went to bed early. This morning, we woke up to SNOW!

Today's Gratitude List
1. The efficient baggage handlers at the Atlanta airport.
2. The view of snow outside my son's front door after leaving 80 degree humid weather.
3. An infant's giggle.


Jess said...

No cancelled flights and arriving with luggage is GOOD!!

my 3..
1. a phone call from my "homesick" hubby.

2. enough restraint to NOT get Joey every single adorable outfit, as he can only wear 1 to his birthday party.

3. a clothes dryer..hanging out the lanurdy in the rain would be terrible!

Ray said...

I can't believe I got this far behind while doing online reading.

My three would be
1. I don't fly anymore.

2. I don't have to fly anymore.

3. I won't fly anymore.