Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The dreaded homecoming

What I'm reading: Kiss and Tell, by Suzanne Brockmann

First: the picture I couldn't upload last Friday. We woke up to fluffy white stuff coming down from the sky.

Home again. Where to start? I never know what to do first. Unpack, which fills the laundry hamper. Catch up on email? Could take half a day (because I did have chances to clean out inboxes while I was away). Format photos? My son the photographer takes great ones, but he gives them to me in a HUGE format. Yes, if I want to have prints made, it's nice to have the hi-res, large dimension shots, but they're hard to share via email, web, etc. So, I put on a pot of coffee and bounce from one task to the next, never feeling like I've accomplished much.

The return trip was relatively uneventful. Hubby's learning curve is still very steep--his name was called for an upgrade on the Colorado to Atlanta leg of the flight. He comes back feeling very pleased with himself. "Did you ask where I was on the list?" I said. "No," he replied. He did go over and ask, then, and reported that there were no upgrades left. Now, it's not like he was really getting all that much: our regular seats were in an exit row, which meant sufficient legroom. We'd arrived at the airport in plenty of time, so we had lunch, so getting airline food wasn't a boon. Yes, there's free booze. Not to mention, the man falls asleep almost as soon as the plane levels off, and he can sleep in any seat on a plane. But, traveling with me, apparently, wasn't as cool as a free glass or two of wine, I guess.

His regular seat was empty, which was nice for spreading out. My row-mate was a large man. He wasn't pleased that the armrests in the exit row didn't move up--he fit, but barely. And when he asked for a seat-belt extender, he learned that the FAA will not allow their use in the exit rows. He managed to click his belt shut, but barely. Lucky he wasn't on the trip FROM Atlanta, where the air was so rough the seatbelt sign never went off. At any rate, when I explained why we had the empty seat between us, he said, "Oh, someone's in big trouble."

On the next leg, being a few people too low on the upgrade list, I took my coach seat. Not an exit row this time, but it's a 1 hour flight. Shortly before they closed the boarding door, a flight attendant came and handed me another boarding pass with a first-class seat. I grabbed my stuff and moved. I was settling in when I heard my name and turned. The man in the seat behind me was a good friend, a colleague of my husband's, and our regular Sunday at Panera buddy. Small world. (So, coincidences DO happen--don't discount all of them when you're reading a book!). Hubby was on the other side of the plane, but when we disembarked at the end of the flight, he told me he'd told the airline that unless I was upgraded along with him, he would sit in coach. Why he didn't mention this while we were waiting to board is beyond me, but that's probably hooked into the XY thing along with not comprehending why it's just fine to leave your traveling companion in coach while you imbibe up front.

Now it's back to catching up on routines.

Today's Gratitude List:
1. Safe travel
2. Elissa's chicken artichoke recipe
3. Cool weather at home

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Ray said...

I like the large photo format. The pictures are perfect when you reduce the size, but when they are too small and you want to increase the size they look washed out or out of focus. It's lots of work. My daughter and son both send emails with pics in a format twice the size of my screen.

I reduce size when sending to a group, but when sending to the family I send as is. Most of my family like to do their own editing.

My daughter is an expert photographer, an artist and an an indigo child.

You write, my daughter paints and I take advantage of your talents.