Thursday, November 06, 2008

Those Two Little Words

Last night, I typed "The End" on my manuscript. It's just shy of 115,000 words, which is a bit on the long side, but I had to write it all. I'll deal with what gets cut after I let it sit for a while so I can look at it more objectively.

No title yet, though. I am SO bad at coming up with those. It's got to reflect the tone, the theme, the sub-genre, the characters. And be snappy.
And no synopsis, either. I'm still selling on complete manuscripts, so I get to wait until I see what happens in the book before I have to summarize it.

Tonight there's a "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" fund-raising event at a local downtown club (before it opens) for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance. I'll be there with 2 of my writing colleagues. A fine way to celebrate the completion of my book. And maybe I'll get some ideas for the next one.

Today's Gratitude List

1. Getting a clean bill of health from my doctor

2. That the Y is only 5 minutes away, which probably has a great bearing on #1.
3. That hubby didn't fuss when I told him I hadn't given a thought to dinner because I was ALMOST DONE WITH THE BOOK.


Dara Edmondson said...

Good list of things to be grateful for. Looking forward to the event tonight!

Terry Odell said...

So am I! Should be a nice change of pace from the usual book signings.

Ray said...

I like long books, the longer the better. 450 to 500 pages is just right. When I am browsing bookstore shelves I rarely pick a book off the shelf if it has less than 300 pages.

Good fund raiser. My wife is a 20 year Ovarian Cancer survivor.


Terry Odell said...

I always look for the longer books -- more words per dollar! Unfortunately, as usual, the industry determines the "acceptable" length based on what it will cost to use that much paper, and also how many books will fit in the book holders in the racks in supermarkets, etc.

The fund raiser went well -- and glad your wife is a survivor.