Thursday, November 20, 2008

Author Talks

What I'm reading: Tripwire, by Lee Child

First: There were some comments about the yummy chocolate cake from the restaurant: Here it is:

And, now, back to your regularly scheduled blog post:

I volunteered to give my, "How I got started writing by mistake" program for the Lake County Library System. Yesterday the coordinator emailed me to tell me they've moved the presentation to PJ's Coffee and Wine Bar. I'm very curious about the reception an unknown author will get. It's not for a couple of weeks yet, so maybe they'll be doing some heavy promotion. And, worst case scenario, the "wine bar" part of the venue offers some great options if nobody shows up, or wants to listen.

It will be interesting to compare it to tonight's program at a local indie bookstore that also serves food and beverages. Of course, Michael Connelly is a slightly bigger draw than I am. I'm really looking forward to it—to the extent that I actually went up to the bookstore last week to pre-buy the book. AND pay full hard cover retail. I've met Mr. Connelly at a conference, and he's a gracious man as well as a favorite author. He has a way of doing the dreaded "tell" in such a way that it comes across totally naturally. If I stop and think about it, all the information he presents (things that come across as info dumps when done poorly) seem totally natural. If you stop to take things apart, there's no real reason Harry Bosch would stop to think about some of the basics, but it works and never feels like it's Michael Connelly on the page. Plus, he comes from my home town, and reading his books is a trip down memory lane. Hubby's even discovered him, and is going back for more.

I realized I forgot yesterday's Gratitude Project List. Blame it on jet-lag?

Nov. 19:

1. Cold enough to make white chili

2. The budget still permits my house cleaning service.

3. An empty checkout line at Publix

Nov. 20:

1. That hubby will give up spinning to go see Michael Connelly with me.

2. Mary Jo and Bob at the Y who always have friendly smiles and make me glad I showed up.

3. Extra time to read

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Ray said...

I hope you have a crowd. I know that everyone who reads you will become an instant fan.