Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I'm reading:  Trust No One, by Katie Reus

Since it's the weekend, no 'real' discussion topics.  
And remember, the Gratitude Project came via Susan Wiggs -- feel free to join in.

Today's Gratitude List

1. A bright, crisp sunny day
2. Joey, who was ever so patient and well behaved despite the interminably slow service at the restaurant last night.
3. Time spent with good food, good wine, family and friends (and  killer chocolate cake.)


Jess said...

you had to brag about the cake, didn't you?

Jess said...

oh, and I forgot my 3.. :)

1. enough dry weather for a nice long dog walk

2. practically no line at the grocery check outs this morning!

3. a brother kind enough to send a picture of himself and dad drinkin' Odells. ;)

Terry Odell said...

Well,it WAS good cake

Nicole said...

yeah, really good cake!

Terry Odell said...

There might even be a little bit left for tonight.