Monday, November 17, 2008

Homeward bound

We'll be off to the airport shortly.  Delta is teasing us with 'standby' status for an upgrade.  It's one of those last-minute things, so we won't know until we're ready to check in.  We'll have to see what hubby does this time if he's bumped up without me.  Used to be people who booked flights together were kept together, but no more, and his frequent flyer status is a level above mine.

Having family so far away, especially with a new grandson is a challenge, but we certainly made the most of our short visit.  

Last night, we had fun with raclette.  I don't know if one says, 'eating raclette' or 'making raclette' or 'doing raclette', but it was yummy.  

It was a short trip, but a busy one. Let's hope I can post some happy airline experiences on my gratitude list tomorrow.  And once I'm back on my computer, I'll be able to do things like post pictures and change font colors.  Blogger and Safari seem to have issues.  

Today's Gratitude List:

1.  Seeing a deer in the parking lot of the deli while we were having breakfast.

2. That hubby had fun on the range on his birthday.

3. Time spent with Joey, seeing how much he's changed in the last 5 months.  


Dara said...

Glad you had fun!

Ray said...

New grandsons are always worth the trip.

My great grandson is here for Thanksgiving. He is now walking. I missed his hesitant beginning steps. He's an expert walker now at 14 months. He is learning a few new word my 17 y/o taught him.

Aren't kids great if you don't have to be around them 24/7 year around?