Friday, November 07, 2008

No Theme Today

No real theme today, just odds and ends.

Tomorrow our RWA chapter is hosting Eileen Ann Brennan, who's going to address the topic of sexual tension. As always, I'll be posting notes next week. I'm not sure exactly what day the post will show up, so please check back. Or, you can become a 'follower' of the blog and you'll be notified of new posts. Or the feed option. I'm still in awe of all this technology.

Last night's event for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance was fun--a definite change of pace from a book signing. Vendors from all over town were there--everything from free chair massages to jewelry to toys. And of course there were three local writers with books to sign! Oh, and did I mention free food and wine? Dara and Katie--you were great table partners (but Katie, next time get a table that doesn't take four people to carry!)

My crit partner and I met earlier in the day and did some brainstorming. It's been a while since we've had time for a face to face meet, and it was great to get the wheels turning. I still don't have the definitive title for Fozzie's book; there's a theme of 'setting roots' in the book, but most of the titles we tossed around sounded like gardening or genealogy books. Definitely have to work on it some more.

Today's Gratitude List

1. All the wonderful people who came out last night in support of the Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

2. Dara, for her great ideas

3. Tom, for volunteering to read my knife fight scene and make sure I didn't say anything stupid.


Ray said...

Glad the event went OK. More people need be be made aware of Ovarian cancer. My wife had abnormal bleeding for a year before she saw a doctor. The doctor didn't do anything for a year before she was sent to an oncologist. Two years that could have allowed for less aggressive treatment. A simple Pap test will not find it.

Terry, do you know from the event about improvements in screening over twenty years ago?

I look forward to your notes from the RWA chapter meeting.


Terry Odell said...

Ray, this was purely a fundraising event -- a "fair" of sorts, so nothing medical was on the agenda. However, I have a link to the Alliance's website in previous posts, which might answer your questions.