Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Memory of Mars

Life comes with tough decisions. Accepting the responsibility for the life of a pet is one of them. I've been in that situation more than once. Yesterday, our daughter and her husband were faced with the challenge of deciding whether the quality of life for one of their dogs was worth prolonging it. After many months, his condition deteriorated to the point where the decision became critical.

They put him down yesterday, at home, with his family around him. He'll be missed.

Puppy Mars, affectionately known as "Big Giant Head"

Mars and Juno - we thought she was a 'big' dog until they got Mars, who's just a puppy here.

Mars' Last Day

Today's Gratitude List
1. Pets, for the joy they can bring.
2. Susan, my massage therapist for the 'most pleasure a person can have without moving a muscle'
3. A solid night's sleep

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Jess said...

My list:

1. Loki, who is currently staring down my empty soup bowl.

2. Good books, blankets, and hot tea. On a cold miserable day.

3. The time I got to spend with the Big Giant Head. He's now romping with Muffin, Shark, Merlyn, and all the others.