Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Traditions - Rules or Guidelines?

This year, the timing of Hanukkah includes Christmas. Normally, our Christmas tradition is an early movie, followed by Chinese food, because there's nothing else open.

Yesterday, I baked rugelach, breaking with 'tradition' by using apricots and almonds instead of raisins and walnuts. I also took a shortcut with the latkes, using store-bought pre-shredded potatoes from the dairy case. While I'll definitely use the apricot/almond filling again, I think I'll go back to grating potatoes. The latkes just weren't the same. It's not like I hand grate them. I have a food processor, and I don't even peel the potatoes.

And I won't use the electric frying pan again, either. It doesn't get hot enough. It's a 'double-duty' version, and the griddle is great for pancakes, but the pan that sits on top of it works for one-pot meals and the like, but it doesn't cut it for latkes.

So, will we go to a movie tomorrow? Probably. Which will bring us to the annual question. "Which movie?" We missed the new James Bond. If it's still playing, that'll be the one. But what if they bump it to make room for all the new Christmas Day releases? So, just as I did last year, I'll throw out the plea for help with choosing a movie in case 007 is gone.

Or -- we might just break with tradition and go with our Netflix movie, Dark Passage--unless we watch it tonight while the rest of the world is watching their Christmas fare.

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Nicole said...

we had chinese food for lunch today (and dinner last sunday) so I don't think we'll do that tomorrow. (I think Joyce is cooking a ham.) But we found the chinese buffet last year on christmas! J,E,&J came over tonight and we had crock-pot ribs. ribs, an onion and a bottle of BBQ sauce in the crockpot. And ya can't forget the cornbread! Then there was this chocolate creme pie. *sigh*