Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell to 2008 - and something new in 2009

What I'm reading: Silent Prey by John Sandford

Today marks the last day of 2008. Whatever your traditional celebration includes, enjoy, but be safe. And may 2009 bring you happiness.

Have I set my goals for the new year? Not really. Organization is high on my list. I need to create a schedule and then stick to it. Since I don't have the day job anymore, it shouldn't be that hard to set aside specific days to get those chores done. The writing is easy--as a goal, anyway. That's something I love doing, so it's the boring routine stuff that slips away.

My first change is to this blog. In the tradition of the original Mickey Mouse Club, Tuesday is going to be "Guest Blog" day. Although, after some thought, I wondered if I shouldn't have made it Wednesday, which was "Anything Can Happen Day." I am turning my guests free to write about whatever interests them. Their work, their hobbies, travel, general slice of life moments. We'll start on Tuesday, January 6th with a look at a hobby that's been around for centuries--one shared by Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen.


Jess said...

Happy New Year! Didya see cousin Charlotte got awarded an MBE?

Terry Odell said...

Yes I did -- someone in the family seems to have some class.