Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday wishes

So, it's Christmas morning and the fourth day of Hanukkah. This clip has been around for a while, and despite its stereotypes, it's got roots in reality.

Since nothing is open today, we'll laze around. We watched Dark Passage last night, so it looks like we'll stick with tradition and go out. Minor glitch -- the movie page in the newspaper has huge voids in the listings -- as if they were saving those places for the new releases but whoever was in charge of adding them to the files left early for the holiday.

I remember the old days when you had to call the theater for movie times. And there was only one movie playing per theater. I'll admit to liking Internet technology for making that easier.
I've ranted and raved (more rants than raves) about Customer Service on this blog. Yesterday, we got a letter from our cable provider apologizing for an extended outage, and offering a month free of several premium channel sets. Not bad, especially since the day of the outage, we weren't home trying to watch television anyway.

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday, spending time enjoying whatever traditions you observe -- and perhaps starting some new ones.

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