Tuesday, December 02, 2008

SWAT Roundup International #1

After driving a little farther than to Back of Beyond yesterday morning, I arrived at the Orange County Sheriff's Firing Range. I'm sure my little orange Fit felt out of place surrounded by so many cop cars, but that's where I was directed to park. Getting out of the car, the first impression was of the sounds and smells of gunfire. Lots of gunfire. I hooked up with several other of the volunteers at the registration desk, signed a waiver, got a 'staff' badge (cool!) and then we walked all the way around the facility to the End of Back of Beyond to the concession stand, which is where we were going to work.

It took about two hours to get set up, and we were two volunteers short (guess they won't be paid!), but we fell into a rhythm and spent the day dishing out hot dogs, burgers, sub sandwiches, sausage sandwiches, and barbecue sandwiches.

Day 1 on the range was "closed" so our leader, who's been doing this for years, said it was quiet. I pity the folks working today, and hope they have a full crew.

The competitions run the gamut of just about everything law enforcement and SWAT teams do. From my vantage point, I could see them rappelling down a tower,

and could see them lined up on a firing range.

The vendors were just setting up. Every possible cop gadget known to man, and some that haven't been invented yet, I think. I hope to find time Thursday to wander around.

I have to confess (sorry, hubby) that I really enjoyed the eye candy. Good looking hard bodies all over the place. And very polite. I tried my German out on some guys from Hanover, and they said, "sehr gut." At least they understood what I was trying to say! By the time my stint was over, there was a lot more action,

and the walk back to the car took me past guys with big weapons, all sorts of specialized vehicles, and more good looking hard bodies.

On Thursday, I'll try to have my real camera and not have to rely on my cell phone for images. Of course, that assumes I'll have some spare time. We barely had time to scarf our own sandwiches, and it was supposed to be quiet, but if everyone shows up, we should be able to take a break or two.


Dara Edmondson said...

Looks like fun. DH participates in many training events at that range. He's like a kid in a candy store!
Enjoy the scent of testosterone!

Terry Odell said...

I can see why he'd enjoy it. If he happens to be there Thursday, have him look me up -- I'll be in the concession stand again, as far as I know.

Ray said...

This brings back old memories. Military Sealift Command has its Fire and Damage Control School adjacent to the Monmouth County Fire Academy and on the other side the firing range. All the time we were on the fire field we could hear constant gunfire from small arms to fully automatic weapons. The tower in your blog looks like the one at the fire school.