Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doesn't feel like Saturday

What I'm reading: Eyes of Prey, by John Sandford

Today's interesting Google Alert: The original artwork for the cover of When Danger Calls is for sale by the artist, Alan M. Clark. Would be nice to be able to afford it. Would be nicer if he decided he didn't need it hanging around his gallery and sent it to the impoverished author.

Mid-week holidays throw me off. It's Saturday, although it feels like yesterday should have been Saturday. At any rate, it's officially the weekend, and a post/mid holiday one at that. Our "neighbor", Universal Studios, is running full steam to accommodate the tourists who don't let little things like the economy spoil their plans. We hear their concerts, parades, and fireworks until late into the night, and when the weather is finally cool enough to have windows open, it's more than annoying. Then, they start doing their morning testing of the roller coasters. They're supposed to wait until seven, but they fudge on that. Of course, anyone who can respond to the problem is off for the holiday.

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