Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Books - and 5 Minute Fudge

Yesterday morning, I called my contact person at the publisher to find out why they hadn't arrived already, since he'd said he was going to expedite my order over a week ago. He said he'd send a 'scathing email' to find out what happened. A few hours later, the mail carrier (not my regular guy, or he'd have rung the bell and carried them inside for me) dropped 3 cartons and 2 smaller packages of books on my front porch.

That must have been some email! Of course, now I have to deal with the 10 books I didn't order showing up with an invoice. Someday, somehow, we'll get it straight, I'm sure. But I have books! Beautiful books!

And, in due course, they'll hit the computer systems at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

For some reason, B&N's system doesn't have the 'order it and we'll send it when it's available' feature the way Amazon does. But my contact told me the books have been shipped, so it's just a matter of waiting out the endless red tape of updating databases.

Now, I'm juggling three editing projects. A new book is on the back burner until I can get through those.

I hope you checked the recipes I added to my website yesterday. My daughter reminded me of another really quick and easy recipe I used to make all the time –

5 minute fudge.

Sift a 1-lb box of powdered sugar together with 1/2 cocoa powder into a micro-proof bowl. Slice in a stick of butter and add 1/4 cup milk (or evaporated milk or eggnog). Nuke for about 2 minutes until butter is mostly melted. Stir well. Add 1 t vanilla. Add 1 c chopped nuts if you want....or anything you want, really. Mini marshmallows are good, too. Pour into 8x8 pan, chill. Cut into squares before it sets, after about 20 minutes. Store in the fridge. It freezes well for making in advance.

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Jess said...

it's also good straight out of the freezer...