Thursday, December 18, 2008

In the waiting room

I'll be spending half the day in the hospital waiting room while hubby has a routine procedure, but one that requires he have someone around to drive him home.

Meanwhile, here are a few writing quotes that come through my Writing Quote of the Day subscription:

Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life; they feed the soul. When writers make us shake our heads with the exactness of their prose and their truths, and even make us laugh about ourselves or life, our buoyancy is restored. We are given a shot at dancing with, or at least clapping along with, the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it over and over again. It's like singing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea. You can't stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people who are together on that ship.
~Anne Lamott

You need to follow your own inner voice, and that's not easy. There's a lot of noise about writing, but writing is just work. It's fraught with doubt. You generate the project and wonder if it's a good idea. And then you have to write it, and you wonder if you're writing it well. But you have to put those thoughts aside, because a lot of forces want us to stop writing. Life calls us away, and to finish our projects we have to insist.
~Ron Carlson

You must keep at it to improve. Get in the habit of writing every day. If that's not possible try to write several times a week. You owe it to yourself and to your writing. Before you know it page will follow page, and soon your pages will turn into chapters.
~ Susan Walerstein


Katie Reus said...

Great quotes, especially the first one. They both certainly do decrease our sense of isolation. I can live without a lot of things, but reading is not one of them.

Terry Odell said...

Definitely have to have books.

Dara Edmondson said...

I hope all went fine. Thanks for the food for thought.

Terry Odell said...

Thanks, Dara -- yep, routine. The waiting was boring, but I got some editing and reading done. Just wait until you're old!