Tuesday, December 16, 2008

They're Here! And There's a Gift For You,Too!

UPS delivered my 10 emergency reserve copies of When Danger Calls yesterday. These arrived -- but barely. The tape on the bottom of the box was broken, just like the other box, but at least there was enough on the edges to keep the box from opening. It took barely a tug to open the box. The top, however, bless the packer's heart, was sealed with layers of tape. Guess the message that it wasn't the top, but the bottom that had opened on the first batch didn't get through.

But they're here -- for the moment. Five are already packed and ready to get shipped off to the RITA contest. The other five are also earmarked for a contest, but I can hold on to them for a few more days and enjoy the sight of MY NEW BOOK.

It's hard cover -- note the dust jacket in the picture -- with my photo in it. And blurbs from other authors. The cover is sturdy, the binding secure. Pages are crisp and white, with pretty black ink. And, on a spot check, they've caught the glitches we reported after reading the ARC.

To celebrate, I've got a present for you. I've uploaded a selection of family favorite holiday recipes to my website. Go to my site, and click 'recipes' in the "LINKS" column.

If you'd like to give ME a present (and it won't cost you anything), you can request that your local library system order When Danger Calls. The publisher targets the library market, so any library should be able to order the book.

Give them the following information:
Title: When Danger Calls
ISBN: 978-1-59414-723-4
Author: Terry Odell
Publisher: Five Star, a part of Gale, Cengage Learning


Jess said...

Lovely books!

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry - congrats on your latest ; i have absolutely put in on my library request list.
Love the cover.
Have enjoyed your short stories, so i am looking forward to reading this!
Nancy Lindley-Gauthier
(and hey! recipes! a bonus!!) thx

Terry Odell said...

Thanks, Jess & Nancy. And now I have more (and another recipe). Check my entry for Wednesday.