Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Counting Down To South Africa T minus 5

The yellow fever decision has been made, for better or for worse. Our South African contacts felt confident that as long as the passport isn't stamped in Dakar, since it's a refueling stop and we don't get off the plane, there was no real need for a yellow fever shot.

After an extensive internet search, I found a listing for places that give travel immunizations, including yellow fever. One was in a building I drive by on my way to absolutely anywhere. Nothing is EVER in our neighborhood, so this was a very exciting piece of news. If the shots were convenient, then maybe we'd do it anyway.

Of course if something seems too good to be true, it usually is, and when I called for more information, the gentleman said, "Oh, we don't have an office there anymore." (Can you say, 'Update your website, bucko?") The nearest was about a 40 minute drive. I decided to make the appointment and wait for my husband to get out of his meeting to see what his thoughts were. The fact that it would cost well over $300 for the two of us tipped the scales, and we are bravely venturing into our journey without yellow fever immunizations.

Another deciding factor -- I went to the Thorlo outlet and the salesman has relatives in Cape Town and they travel that route often and nobody's ever checked on yellow fever immunizations on a refueling stop.

Next up: malaria. I've mentioned the tour company changed its policy, and now we need malaria meds. Finding out you're supposed to start taking them the week before travel was daunting, because that was yesterday. However, the nurse called back to verify how long we'd be gone, and the pills are taken once a week, and it's a week before you get to a possible malaria location, not before you get on the plane, so that gives us time (and the pharmacy time to get the pills) because although everything we've read says, "no malaria in South Africa", it's a possibility at one of the game preserves, and we don't get there for at least 5 days after our arrival.

I have my annual physical this afternoon -- we'll see what the doctor says.

Last night's workshop was fun -- not heavily attended, but those who were there wanted to learn about writing, and we had a great interactive session. The Barnes & Noble store didn't get my books in, but that's another story -- the signing is Saturday, and they promised them by then. If not, I have copies in my car. Always.

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NIna Nash said...

This whole trip is so exciting, Terry. I hope you have a great time, and bring back loads of pix! :)