Monday, October 29, 2007

Counting Down To South Africa T minus 7

What's been going on:

I was interviewed by another blogger -- check it out:
Or the direct link to the post, for when it scrolls down the page.

My Point of View handouts are printed.

And now, back to my normal panic. After a relatively calm weekend, it's time to get back info countdown mode for real.

A week! I definitely have to start a list. I found out I had one of my all-to-frequent ditz moments when I sent my 22 chapters of When Danger Calls to my editor. Like forgetting to hit 'attach' before hitting 'send.' So, whether or not she works on weekends, she couldn't have looked at my changes and answered my questions. I sent it last night at around 10 PM. Hope she has a chance to look at it.

I also touched base with one of my writing research sources (Thanks, Major Tom!) who gave me some ideas for things to put into the scene where my editor said, "Show these 7 minutes on the page, please). So much for trying to duck around writing combat scenes, things I know little about.

List thoughts.

My husband has accepted responsibility for investigating if we're going to need yellow fever shots. I still have to get more socks, but we got him some shoes more appropriate for the closing banquet at the conference. I went through our American Express charges. Ouch! Packing. Money. Work. Of course, the Treasurer wants to be prepared for the report he has to give at the conference board meeting. Who's got the data he needs? Who do you think. There go a few more hours. Arrange a ride to and from airport. Lights on timers. Water heater off. Turn off hoses to washer & dryer. Air conditioner off. All doors locked. Paper and mail stopped. Transfer bookmarked URLs to husband's laptop. Compare packing notes -- we don't both need camera cables to download pictures, do we?


Loreth Anne White said...

Hi Terry, looking forward to reading about your S. African experience (saw your note on Clues-n-News)
I havent been back for a while (born and bred there) but hope to make the trip next year.

barbara huffert said...

Hey Terry, I'm really sorry but I'm sitting here laughing. I just read over all your trip preparations and the image I have of you talking to the bus depot Lost and Found is too funny. Hope you got it straightened out.

Terry said...

Loreth -- feel free to email me any 'must see/must avoid' hints.

Barbara: Nothing worked with the phone until the next day -- must have been a phone company glitch. But I did get through to the Sheriffs, and they've got our house on an "area check" list.