Sunday, October 28, 2007

Counting Down To South Africa T minus 8

Yesterday was surprisingly calm. Since I'd sent Hidden Fire to my Cerridwen editor, I closed the door on that one, and crossed it off the list (well, I would have, if I'd actually written my list yet). Late yesterday (which was early today for her, because she's in Australia), she said she was backlogged and wouldn't get to it for at least two weeks. So -- no worries, as she would say. It's in her hands, and I won't even think about it (much) until I get back.

I didn't hear from my Five Star editor about the first 22 chapters of When Danger Calls. I had some questions for her, and didn't want to keep going until I heard from her. Being a weekend, I don't know if she works or not, so I put that project on hold as well. Which left me time for some much-needed food shopping.

Couldn't do anything about clarifying if we actually should get the yellow fever shots or not because all the medical places are closed on the weekend. I'd rather not if it's not needed, but it's not worth being stranded somewhere because I don't have the requisite slip of paper some official decides I need to get back into the country.

I worked on my Point of View handouts for Tuesday night (anyone in central Florida -- come see me at the Barnes & Noble in the Altamonte Mall), did some critique work and watched a little television. Almost caught up with what I taped last week.

Now I can start making the silly little decisions -- what do I pack, how much, or would it be easier to buy it there? Money. Our travel documents hit us with some minor surprises, like airport fees required to get out of the country -- $60 US in cash, exact change, per person. Yikes. And our side-trip to Victoria Falls has a whole different set of currency rules. No credit cards, and a whole page of how things work in that country. I'm so geographically challenged, I didn't even begin to think it was another country when my husband added the side trip.

I only hope my Wild Rose Press editor gets my galleys for Hurricane Breeze to me in time to give them a fair read.

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