Thursday, November 01, 2007

Counting Down To South Africa - T Minus 4

Still with the medical issues -- but this time I get the ditz award. After dealing with the interminable phone system of the insurance company (all voice activated; can't even punch in numbers), I discovered -- not to my surprise -- the malaria medication prescribed wasn't covered by insurance, and relatively costly $10/pill. However, it didn't seem to leave us much choice, so I called the doctor's office and left a message with the nurse to approve the prescription.

When I went in for my appointment (annual physical and to get my tetanus and hepatitis shots for the trip) , we spent a lot of time discussing all the 'just in case' medications, all the other malaria options, and how marvelously healthy I am overall. We decided that another medication, although it has to be taken daily, would be a viable option and was much cheaper out of pocket if the insurance company didn't approve.

So, armed with my handful of prescriptions, I left and made a stop at the PO Box for work. Of course, today there were a respectable number of envelopes, so that added to my work 'to do' list. I stopped at the pharmacy and dropped of the prescriptions and came home to tackle what needed to be done. My cleaning service hadn't shown up; a call verified that although we'd confirmed it twice that yesterday was to be the last cleaning, they had it as the first session they were to skip. So much for that -- only irritation was that if I'd known, I wouldn't have put off a lot of things, like piling clothes and stuff all over the place to start the pre-packing chores.

I went about my routine, still with little to do until I heard from editors as far as writing goes, although I was busy enough with trying to get all the marketing things in order. I really hoped someone else would write the back cover and flap copies, but no, it's up to me. I got my cover for Hurricane Breeze -- was not all that excited about it. They put the heroine on the cover dressed in a belly-dancer outfit, and the dog is peeking out from under the billowing white fabric looking almost -- well, I won't go there. I didn't even realize it was a dog until someone else pointed it out. But they don't have an approval process like Cerridwen Press does, so that's that. It's a short story, so it's not like the cover will be on a bookshelf anywhere. I'll try to post it tomorrow (I am on my laptop now -- another long story causing more delays).

Then, about 9:30 PM, I got the galleys. Will have to deal with those ASAP, and my When Danger Calls editor said she LOVES my book, and will try to have the next edits on Sunday. I'm leaving Tuesday. Monday will be packing and running around picking up all the things we realize we don't have. Guess it goes on my husband's laptop, and I'll work while he's sleeping.

OK -- back to the ditz award. (Can you tell my brain isn't working efficiently). At about 4:45 PM yesterday, I'm in the middle of sending someone an email and mentioning that I hope there are no bad side effects to the malaria meds. At this point, it dawns on me that I FORGOT TO MAKE SURE I GOT THE TETANUS AND HEPATITIS SHOTS I went to the doctor for in the first place. I'd even made sure to tell them to put it on my appointment notes so they'd have the stuff available. Of course, they forgot, too -- but it was my fault. Luckily, they were open until 6:30 so I buzzed back, got the shots, stopped and picked up the meds, came home and had a stiff drink before dealing with all the candy monsters who came by. More than we've had in years, but I have some chocolate left, thank goodness.

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