Friday, October 26, 2007

Counting Down to South Africa T minus 10

What I'm reading: Halfway to Heaven by Susan Wiggs
Recent books that missed my posting cycle: No Accounting for Chase by Sara Dennis, Ranch Hideout by Julia Daniels

What I'm writing: Chapter 30 Also edits for When Danger Calls.

As I'm trying to keep my sanity, I find that when you have too much to do, all the little things crop up to get in your way. Just enough to throw off the rhythm and interrupt the schedule. Like the "replace mouse batteries NOW" message. Ditto for the battery in the kitchen phone which seems to eat batteries and is a royal pain to get off and on the wall. Or when you schedule time to go to the Outlet Mall to see if they have shoes that might be comfortable enough for the trip and the store isn't there anymore. So you see a Bose store and decide to do your husband a favor and see if they have replacement ear covers for his old headphones and they don't, but you buy a new set for yourself because all of a sudden the thought of airplane engine noise for 17 hours is too much.

Or you finally get a response to your complaint that all the letters are wearing off your keyboard, and they say sorry for the delay, here's what you have to do. So you spend precious minutes digging out the receipt, scanning it, taking a picture of the defective keyboard, transferring it to the computer so you can email it, finding the make, model and two other required numbers on the bottom of the keyboard (ever tried to type with the keyboard upside down? Can't be done). Then, of course, the Internet connection bleems out and you can't send the file.

And what about calling the Sheriff's Office to request increased patrols through the neighborhood, only the phone lines are crossed and no matter what, you get the Lost and Found from the bus depot.

Not to mention, the train's website is out of date for the trains from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, so you get to rearrange the itinerary (ok, my husband is actually in charge of this leg of our trip, but it still required interruptions to discuss and make the decision).

10 days to go. 1 book to edit, 1 manuscript to finish, and I hear from the editor who's taken over for the one who left Wild Rose Press that she hopes to have my galleys to me before I leave, for final approval.

Or that my Blogger edit screen isn't giving me a choice of fonts!

There's more, but I don't have time!

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