Friday, October 05, 2007

Editing is writing, too

What I'm reading: Dead Heat by Dick Francis and Felix Francis

What I'm writing: Chapter 24, edits for Hurricane Breeze

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Rhonda Penders, publisher of The Wild Rose Press yesterday. One of the side-perks of living in central Florida is that just about everyone passes through eventually thanks to our surfeit of theme parks. Another of her authors, Dara Edmondson, was there. Apart from the noise level in the restaurant, we had a great time discussing the amazing skyrocketing success of The Wild Rose Press (for which I take absolutely no credit, but I do like to remember that I was their first outside contracted author, and I'm delighted to see their success). Especially since that first contract was for a short-short, Words, that had been contracted previously by a magazine that went out of business almost as soon as I signed the papers. It had also been contracted by an internet audio book site, which folded as well. Third time's the charm, I guess!

I'm feeling 'writerly' today, having received my next (and last, I think) round of edits for Hurricane Breeze. Now that the story issues have been resolved, and thank goodness they were minor--primarily clarification, not plot--it's time to print it out and read it for all those little typos that sneak in when you turn off your computer.

And, I heard from the Five Star Publishing editor I'll be working with on When Danger Calls as well. She's given me her timeframe, and it's going to be a challenge not to try to scramble through it before I leave on my trip in November. However, she doesn't need it turned around as quickly as the Cerridwen Press editors do, so it seems like a luxury to be able to take more time.

Oh yeah -- and then there's the 'real life' job ---the one I get paid for, the one that's paying for that November trip which is part business--which will be getting crazy.

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