Monday, October 15, 2007


What I'm reading: The Abduction of Jenny Chandler by Teri Thackston

What I'm writing: More of the same. Not enough.

I didn't get my edits for When Danger Calls today. I'm checking things off the list I haven't really made yet, still dealing with things that normally wouldn't be a bother. I have my annual physical at the end of the month, and had to pick up the referral slip for the lab work. Of course, it wasn't ready, so there went twenty minutes. Then, I thought I'd make sure my normal medications were in full supply before the trip, because I use the insurance company's hand mail delivery system. They send a 3 month supply, but you only pay for two. Sweet deal. Only you can't order before their computer schedule says it's okay. I emailed their customer service people last week and asked how I could get around this.

Today, my email said, You will need to call the insurance company and get a pre cert for a early fill.

Now, I interpreted that as, 'call and get approval.' Only I call and play the phone tree game and finally get a human who says, "Oh, that's Member Services. Call the number on your card." So I do, and there are even more hoops to jump through. By now I am really irritated at having to answer a recording's questions that have nothing to do with what I need. Eventually, I get through to someone who apparently has never had this question come up. She's clueless, puts me on hold twice and says, "We can't do that." I ask to speak to someone who will tell me why, and get transferred. So far, about the only thing that's gone right is that the call hasn't dropped. I finally get to someone who says the mail delivery system will NOT approve early refills and to get my doctor to phone in a one-month supply to a retail pharmacy. Am I crazy, or wouldn't it have been easier if the original email response said this? Another half hour shot.

Work was busy, but not too many idiots needed hand-holding, which was good. However, I had to revise major chunks of my novel, so I don't have the satisfaction of a hefty word count increase at the end of the day.

And -- just because it's that kind of day, Blogger was 'down' when I tried to post this, so it's a day late.

I did get two authors to agree to write cover blurbs for me, though!

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