Monday, June 23, 2008

Very belated acknowledgements

What I'm reading: Fearless Fourteen, by Janet Evanovich. Contest entry #5 of 7

What I'm writing: Chapter 5, scene 2

I took a moment to look at the file for Hidden Fire, and I realized I'd committed an embarrassing sin of omission. In my haste to get a draft manuscript turned in last fall, before leaving on my trip to South Africa, I sent the manuscript to my editor, promising all the ancillary pages would follow if she thought it would fly.

Once the manuscript was accepted, the editing process took precedence, and due to the idiosyncrasies of the forms we send in to the publisher, there is no separation of "Dedication" and "Acknowledgements." Somehow, I never submitted the second half of my intended intro page. The dedication is there, but my thanks to everyone who helped bring the book from a vague idea to the page never made it.

I offer my humble and profuse apologies, as well as prolific thanks to the following, without whose help I'd never have finished the book.

Mark Hussey, Darrell McCaskill, Michael Kispert and Thomas Stroup of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Your advice and company gave me those bits of realism I needed. Apologies for things I adjusted for the sake of the story.

Major Thomas Fuller, US Army for the XY help.

Wally and the gang at Crimescenewriters for answering questions about anything and everything.

The Novel Alchemy group for their keen eyes.

CJ Lyons, MD, for her medical assistance.

My ever-patient crit partners, Dara Edmondson and Julie Salvo, and all the support from the ladies of CFRW.

Helen Woodall, my editor, and to cover artist Croco.

And, of course, to Dan who helps with absolutely everything.


Dara Edmondson said...

Aw - thanks, Terry. I've left out some people in dedications by accident before. Coincidentally - check out the dedication of Compromising Positions when you have a chance;-)

Terry Odell said...

Thanks to you, too. I think I was worried about leaving someone out, so I wanted to wait before turning in the file -- and then I TOTALLY forgot it!