Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Places at Once?

In addition to popping in here with a short post this morning, I'm also a guest blogger at Just Jenyfer. Check her blog out--she's an American living in Cairo and has some nifty stuff on her blog.

Last night's twenty-minute drive to the airport turned into an hour-long, bumper-to-bumper drive in the rain. Although I would rather have spent the time in the airport baggage area (even remembered to toss my eBookwise in the car) rather than on the Beachline, the timing actually worked out well, as hubby's baggage was slow to appear on the carousel, and he had to wait only a minute or two for my arrival.

The usual post-travel stop for dinner at our local Chinese restaurant was very welcome. As was the second glass of wine I enjoyed. Hubby could drive home. And leftovers mean one less night of cooking.

Wimbledon's in a rain delay at the moment. I need to figure out the "Something Bad Happens Here" moment in Chapter six.

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