Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Trivia

What I'm reading: Contest entries. 1 of 7

What I'm writing: Chapter 3, scene 2--still--but it's getting there.

I'd forgotten I volunteered to be a contest judge until I got my packet of manuscripts yesterday. I enjoy reading them because they adjust my focus to being critical, and as I find noteworthy bits and pieces, both good and not-so-good, I find I'm more tuned in to what's working and not working and why in my own work.

The Dear Author and Redlines and Deadlines blogs have some interesting discussions and questions about e-books and e-publishing.

The bed was made when I came home from the Y this morning. Does it count if I know he did it because he read yesterday's blog? Hmmm....

Comic strip, PC & Pixel by Thach Bui for June 10th, sent to me by a friend:

Quote of the day, which seems fitting as I'm still wallowing in nailing the first three chapters:

A note of caution: The temptation with a complex plot is to throw everything at the reader at once. Resist this with all your might! In the opening chapters, it's better to hint at the backstory rather than reveal it through lengthy flashbacks, which can bog the story down. Let it unfold gradually.

~Eileen Goudge
The Writer, June 2007


mimi said...

Ouch! Sounds like the creator of PC and Pixel needs to spend some quality time with an actual romance novel.

Then again, you could probably do every mystery, western, or spy novel in 10 minutes, too--at least when they all boil down to their archetypal story.

Terry Odell said...

Hmmm... and I thought this was more about the original premise of using actual monkeys .. the random juxtapositioning of letters rather than plot. Although I suppose it depends on how they've programmed the computer that's generating these novels.

But I suppose for the punchline to work, it has to include plot.

I just thought it was cute -- glad it's making you think!