Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tennis anyone?

What I'm reading: Lying in Wait, by J.A. Jance

What I'm writing: Chapter Six

I confess to being hooked on Grand Slam Tennis. Don't ask me why. The only time I ever played was during the "Individual Sports" unit in high school PE. I did try racquetball for a while when it was new. The best part was that it was indoors, in the air conditioning, and if you waited, the ball would come back. I started having the Slams on while I did needlepoint, because you didn't have to watch the matches. If something exceptional happened, you'd hear the crowd, and they'd do an instant replay. The 'thwack-thwack' rhythm of the ball was nice background noise. It's not the same if I'm trying to write.

But with 10 hours of television coverage daily, I'm going to have to do more multi-tasking. I do find the evening hours are fine for writing, but my husband comes home tomorrow after a week out of town, and I'll have to be more available. Like, cooking dinner.

I'm also on the last days of my day job, and dealing with all the loose ends means I'm actually working more hours than when I was working.

But -- yesterday's email brought a new review for Hidden Fire. In the wake of another rejection letter--the very nice, friendly one agents seem to get, but one that had me wondering if the editor, or third-level editorial assistant--actually read the manuscript, it was nice to find another person who thought my writing didn't suck.

From Night Owl Romance

This page-turner turns on the heat between our hero and heroine while circumstances surrounding them seem destined to bring their relationship to an end. Lack of trust runs high, deception seems de rigueur, and unexpected plot twists keep the reader guessing. This was a superb who-dun-it well worth the read.

Read the full review here.


SLING WORDS aka Joan Reeves said...

Tennis leaves me cold; my weird obsession is golf. No, I don't play. I only swing the practice club with the special hand grip to teach you how to hold a club which my husband bought for me. He loves the game. However, I adore TV golf especially with Tiger Woods playing. Now I'm in mourning because Tiger is out for the year after the amazing win at the U. S. Open. Weird, huh?

Terry Odell said...

My dad loves watching golf on TV. That was another one of those 'individual sports' units in PE that I never got hooked on. Both my parents played for a good number of years.

The closest I've come to golf (aside from living almost within earshot of the Bay Hill/Arnold Palmer tournament) was when I was getting my hair cut and so was Tiger. He sneezed, I said, 'gezundheit' and that was about it.