Friday, August 31, 2007

Sleepless in Orlando

What I'm reading: Taken, by Lori L. Harris

What I'm writing: Mixed bag. Edits for When Danger Calls, Revising Chapters 12 and 13 for Randy & Sarah's sequel. Mostly it's emails and data entry for work. The deadline is tomorrow, so I'm hoping things ease up. I should collect the excuses people use for their last-minute requests for special treatment.

Tonight, the alumnae of the Civilian Police Academy have been invited to observe a Labor Day DUI checkpoint (I think they invited us because we bring food). It's too hot to bake, so they're getting store-bought this time around. I thought it would be interesting to watch police procedures, but the checkpoint runs from 9 PM tonight until 4 AM tomorrow. Maybe I can pick up some bits for future scenes.

At the preliminary explanation of the event last month, the deputy told us how stupid some people can be. First, by law they have to post warnings that there's a checkpoint ahead, so anyone with half a brain would turn around right there if they were doing anything suspect. Second, also by law, all they can do is ask to see a driver's license. From that point, they're free to look into the vehicle and if they see anything questionable, they can make an arrest.

So, one bright driver, when asked to show his license to the officer, says, "Sure. Hold my beer and I'll get it for you." And proceeds to hand the deputy an open can of beer. Now, if I put that in a book, would anyone believe it?

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