Friday, August 03, 2007

Counting Down to Starting Over

Less than two weeks until the August 16th release of Starting Over.

Although it's my third release with Cerridwen Press, it's the second book I wrote. Colleen McDonald, a character in Finding Sarah, insisted on more page time. I felt bad since I'd cut so many of her scenes out of Finding Sarah that I gave her a book of her own.
I'll be posting bits of interest on my website and here as the release date gets closer.

If you haven't read Finding Sarah, there's plenty of time before the 16th! If you have read it, drop me a line (honor system) and I'll send you a quick, whimsical short-short. My email address is to the right of this page, and there's a link on my site. There are two free reads with Colleen on my site. You can get there via the Links column on the home page.

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