Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A new month, an updated site--maybe

What I'm reading: Same as last time.
What I'm writing: Chapter 6.

A new month reminds me once more of how much we depend on technology, and on timing. I've switched web hosts, and things don't work exactly the same under my new system. I try to update my site with new announcements, contests and free reads. However, I'm more of a 'brute force/trial and error' programmer when it comes to things like that. I still need to find out how I can use the services of my new host without having to redo my entire site. And, of course, my son the web guru is on vacation in Cabo this week. And Blogger is having 'technical difficulties' so posting this has been delayed.

Please stop by, and if you can find any glitches, pop me an email. Enter my contest. Say Hello. Let me know I'm still hooked up to cyberspace!

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