Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A First Review for Starting Over - Five Hearts

The Romance Studio gave Starting Over Five Hearts in the review it posted today. What a wonderful first review.

Odell’s characters are complex and endearing. Colleen can’t stop thinking like a cop, even though her experiences have left her with nightmares and insecurity. Graham is a good-looking ladies man who is suddenly feeling protective and confused. And he can cook. Both are complex, likable and clearly drawn. Harrigan’s new boss is both gruff and understanding. And Colleen’s new best friend Tracy helps her face up to the truth about herself, and a lot about men. The reader is left wanting to know more about all of them.

The mystery itself is both satisfying and complex. Real estate fraud, computer hacking, and birdwatching all play a part. The conclusion is both believable and highly moving. This is extremely well-written and a highly recommended read.

Reviewer: Lynn Bushey

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