Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Don't blame me if you didn't plan ahead

What I'm reading: Map of Bones by James Rollins

What I'm writing: Chapter 13.

In my attempts to have a "me" weekend, I ignored email even though it was a crunch time, and spent a lot of the time writing, doubling my usual output. Of course, I had to pay the price yesterday, and am only caught up through Saturday's incoming workload, but my motto at this time of the year is:

"Failure to Plan on Your Part does NOT Constitute an Emergency on Mine."

The organization I work for has a Biennial Conference in late November, and their early registration deadline is this week. I handle memberships, and of course, members get a better registration rate, so everyone's clamoring to get their applications processed. Since I'm a part time, work-at-home consultant, and am only supposed to work 10 hour weeks, I shut down Friday afternoon. It's not like these folks didn't have plenty of time to take care of this months ago.

So, I spent the weekend with my characters. And yesterday dealing with procrastinators who all want special treatment.

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