Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today my guest is author Tory Richards, who discovered a sense of adventure. She's offering one of her books to a commenter. Contest runs all week, so you can leave a comment even if you get here "late."

Before I begin I’d just like to thank Terry for giving me this opportunity to talk about myself. Not my favorite subject but I’ll give it a try. It might be a case of once I get started, watch out!

I love to travel. Who doesn’t? And until my granddaughter was born three years ago my traveling buddies were my daughter and niece. We’re all very close and when we get together it’s like watching a sitcom of The Golden Girls. In fact, that’s what my son-in-law calls us.

We’ve been to neat places like Croatia, Spain, Rome and Greece but my favorite was when we took an Alaskan cruise. OMG was that a beautiful place. And I discovered a new adventurous side of me on that vacation…even if it was forced upon me.

Ever taken a helicopter ride to a glacier? Never mind I don’t like flying. I was on a plane on 9/11, but even before that fateful day I didn’t like it. Anyway, it was the first time any of us had been on a helicopter. We were crammed in like sardines and there were only six of us! They go by weight; thank goodness the two gals in the back were as skinny as bean poles.

The glacier was absolutely beautiful, if not a little frightening because of its isolation. It was cool being able to look down at your feet and see crystal clear blue water beneath you. I didn’t venture far from the helicopter, thinking about the possibilities of hungry polar bears. Did I tell you I have an active imagination? I am a writer, after all.

We also took a go-cart ride into the wilderness, where we saw brown bear. Now that was an experience. I had to ride with the lead man because there were only two to a cart and the girls abandoned me to sit together. Getting in was a breeze; it’s easy to just fall in, but getting out was not. I was wedged in and when you’re voluptuous like I am--well, the driver and I got pretty close.

By the end of the trip I soon realized the advantages of being first. Forced to wear helmets for protection, everyone looked like they had a days worth of stubble on their faces due to the flying dirt from the cart in front of them. Talk about hilarious! I only had to deal with helmet hair.

The dog sled ride was a treat, too. Mostly because my niece and I are animal lovers and there were dogs and puppies everywhere. It was a camp way out in the wilderness and the views surrounding it were breathtaking. I’d love to do that trip again. There was an old red outhouse that I took a picture of, one in color and one in black and white. They’re framed in my guest bath.

By now you must be thinking I’m pretty adventurous but in reality I’m the one who thinks about all the what ifs that could happen. The girls bring out the fun in me and I love them for it.

Thank you for letting me visit, Terry. One week from today I’ll randomly choose one commenter to receive a download of one of my books, their choice. Winner with be announced on my blog, Romance with an Attitude.

Tory Richards lives in Florida with her soul mate and three crazy cats. Writing is her passion and for many years she was a closet writer, until her family discovered her secret and encouraged her to submit to a publisher. Two months later she had her first contract. She pens tales of suspense, humor and sizzling passion. To find out more please visit her website at: www.toryrichards.com


Barbara Edwards said...

I also love to travel. Any time, any place the world is so interesting.

Terry Odell said...

I'm with you, Barbara. I really miss the days when hubby's job included some exotic (for me) places and if I could scrape together the airfare, I could tag along.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I love traveling, but my kids have only recently gotten to the stage where we can do more of it! My husband and I backpacked around England, Scotland, France, and Italy...back in the day (before kids.)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Skhye said...

Tory, I'm so jealous! We've wanted to go to Alaska for years. My husband's been everywhere except Ireland and Alaska. He worked on a geophysical research ship. So, he's not hankering to return to Europe or anywhere else any time soon! :( But we love geology!!! Thanks for sharing. ~Skhye

Huge prize: a cache of Time-Guardian treasure. To enter, join me by midnight New Years Eve at:

Jemi Fraser said...

My hubby & I are going to take an Alaskan cruise as a retirement gift to ourselves. Even though it's a long ways away, I'm very excited about it. Your post only makes me want it more!!

Marvin D Wilson said...

Love travel, and want to do more of it in my "golden years." Never been to Alaska, but this post makes me want to go there, for sure.

The Old Silly

Terry Odell said...

Alaska was a Must See place for me. When hubby had a meeting there, I took temp jobs to pay for my fare; we extended our trip with a Princess Cruise. First time we'd left the kids alone, but I knew I'd resent being stuck home and probably make their lives miserable. Eldest was in high school and could drive; girls were in middle school. Neighbors all on alert. Worked out well enough.

Vicki said...

I had always wanted to go to Alaska, too. In 2005, I had a chance to take a temp job in Juneau and commuted there every month for a year. It was great. Sometimes I flew through Anchorage so got to see that also. Being there in winter and summer was interesting with the nights lasting all day in the winter and the days lasting all night in the summer. I wish I had had time for the rest of the state. Sounds like you had fun.

Mary Ricksen said...

I heard that those cruises to Alaska were the best of the cruises. The scenery is like nothing you've ever seen before or are likely to again. A helicopter ride, a romp with sled dogs, you had a blast!
How lucky you are to have gone with your daughter too, lovely memories to go with a beautiful trip.
You can't beat that!

Marie Tuhart said...


Like you I love to travel, don't get to do as much of it now as when I was younger. The Alaska cruises are the best, I've been on 3 of them. And yes, the helicopter ride to the glacier is an experience that everyone should have once. It's beautiful. I was scared to death at landing on the glacier and walking around it.

The romp with sled dogs sounds like fun, and I'll have to find out about that one next time I take a cruise to Alaska (that won't be for a few years yet.)


Tory Richards said...

I so agree Barbara. And cruising is the way to go! It's so relaxing on sea days and I love the auctions on board:)

Thanks for coming by today.

Author of sizzling romances!

Tory Richards said...

Hey Terry, I have a friend like you. Her hubby travels on mission work and she tags a long. A neat way to see interesting places.

Thanks again for letting me be a guest today:)


Tory Richards said...

Sounds like you've had some adventure in your life too, Elizabeth! I've been to France and Italy, too. Again, with the girls.


Tory Richards said...

Hey Skhye, to date it's my favorite vacation and I hope to go again one day. Ireland is another place I'd like to go. I've planned a trip there twice and had to cancel both times. One day...


Tory Richards said...

Jemi, you'll love it! The scenery, the animals, the quaint little towns. The history! Absolutely breath taking.


Tory Richards said...

Hi Marvin, I fully recommend it and I hope you get to go one day.


Tory Richards said...

Terry, we took a Princess Cruise there. It was actually our first cruise and it was wonderful. The service, entertainment, cleanliness of the ship and staff was top notch.


Tory Richards said...

A lot of fun, Vicky. I would love to be there long enough to see the northern lights.


Tory Richards said...

My daughter and neice, Mary. I'm very lucky to have those memories to share with them. We've gone to the Biltmore Estate a couple times too and had a blast. During that trip they got me on a horse:)


Tory Richards said...

Hey Marie, didn't you find being on the glacier so isolated and peaceful? Frightening almost because for a moment it felt like I was the only one left in the world.

On the helicopter ride back the door opened in mid-air...that was a whole new adventure! LOL


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures - and I admire your passion as well as the fact that you share it with your family. I hope to follow in your footsteps VERY soon. : )

GunDiva said...

I would so love to go to Alaska one of these days. I've been to Ireland and hated it, but I know it was because we were in Dublin when I really, really wanted to be in the countryside. One of these days...

Tory Richards said...

Planning a trip, Drue? I know I wouldn't have had as much fun without the girls.


Tory Richards said...

You sound like me GunDiva. Ireland is where I want to go next. The countryside, though. We want to explore old castles and such. You'd love Alaska.