Friday, October 24, 2008

Waiting and Blogging

What I'm reading: Rough Weather, by Robert B. Parker

What I'm writing: Chapter 33

Murder She Writes had an interesting post about blogging today. Made me think about what I'm doing over here. Judging from hits and comments, my posts about workshops seem to be the best received.

I also like sharing other aspects of "life as a writer" which, for the most part, isn't much different from "life as anyone else." And putting something up here regularly gets my mind into writing mode, although that's what I get out of it, not necessarily what readers do.

I almost didn't post, because I'm second guessing the value of my pieces of bandwidth, but I decided to go ahead. Today it's about waiting. (And if you're a frequent visitor, you'll notice that this post is later than usual.)

I'm not a very patient person. I think I used up most of my patience on my kids. I've got my annual physical soon, and the doctor wants all the labs done before he sees patients. They give you the paperwork, and then tell you to "just walk in" to the nearby lab.

The tests require a 12 hour fast, so I went to the Y for my morning workout as usual, and planned to arrive at the lab sometime after 9:30, since hubby slipped me some M&M's while we were watching CSI last night. I arrived at 9:55.

Now, I'm not saying I bring bad luck or carry bad karma, or whatever, but let's just say you don't want to stand in whatever line I'm in at the grocery store -- or the airport security line, or anywhere. I think my presence brings out the snafu gods. Something always delays the process. While all the other lines move along like bullet trains, I'm stuck on the local -- and it's the one that keeps breaking down.

So, today they were a person short on the intake end of things. It also turns out that the lab DOES take appointments, and those folks get shuttled in faster. So, when I finally got out of there at 11:15 (munching the granola bar I'd stashed in my purse), I continued on to phase 2 of my planned morning, which was to vote. I figured (silly me) that since it was the end of the week, the big rush would have petered out. Besides, it was a rainy day, so who'd want to go out just to vote? Everyone, apparently. There wasn't a parking place for 3 blocks. Having used up all my waiting credits for the day, I drove on home.

I'll try again Monday. I definitely believe in voting. I just don't want to have to wait around an hour to do it.


Shelley Munro said...

Terry - no matter what line or queue I join it's the slow one. I thought it was just me!

Terry Odell said...

If we hadn't started letting a financial advisor handle our meager savings, I might feel guilty for the state of the economy. Years ago, when I had a tiny bit of disposable income, I bought a few 'sure thing' stocks. Instant nosedives.