Thursday, October 23, 2008



Anyone recognize the above quote? I trust my daughters, for whom it's intended will, and that they might have a few fond memories. Enjoy your day, both of you. Wish we could be together.

I "met" someone at the Y today. The quotes are because we always nod our hellos, and we've chatted. First, about why we torture ourselves with working out. Then a little more personal--that we've traveled to some of the same places. But today, we actually met. Why? It started out innocently enough, a brief 'hello, how was your recent trip?' kind of thing. And somehow, the topic of writing came up. Turns out he's written a mystery/suspense/thriller and ... well, the connection was made. Suddenly, there's someone who understands all the things that drive someone to write. We talked about goals, both our own and how our characters must have them. About how much of ourselves shows in our books. About how he's waiting for his book to be perfect before he submits it. I told him it would never be perfect, just do it. That if your dream is to be published, writing the book is only step one.

You must want to enough. Enough to take all the rejections, enough to pay the price of disappointment and discouragement while you are learning. Like any other artist, you are learning your craft--then you can add all the genius you like.
~Phyllis Whitney

At the end of our chat, we'd finally exchanged names. He left, saying he was inspired to move forward. I left, feeling validated, that I've learned enough about the craft to be able to help motivate someone. Because if you're not writing, you're not a writer.

As cows need milking and sweet peas need picking, so writers must continually exercise their mental muscles by a daily stint.
~Joan Aiken

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Jess said...

Thanks Mom! I was having lots of fun in CT (including kickboxing classes to make you hurt for days after and sparring/grappling practice) but DEFINITELY know the quote. :)