Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Hello From the Road

Just a quick moment of Internet access to say hello from Washington State. Our plane trip worked out better than planned; once I griped to the code share airline, I got the "real" confirmation code and we actually could check in on line and change seats. We weren't together (no biggie--hubby just sleeps) but had aisle seats, and empty middle seats so the 6 hour flight wasn't as grueling as it could have been.

Our friends live in Bellingham, and have been running us ragged showing us everything. I promise pictures, but didn't bring the cable to move them from camera to computer, so it might have to wait until we get home next week.

Sun is out again today, and it's NOT HOT! We went for a nice walk in the woods yesterday, (hubby was busy finding and photographing mushrooms, althought I found the first one) and to Whatcom Falls, and to a shellfish farm, a great seafood restaurant (although the waiter dropped our lunches, so we spent a little more time there enjoying the view). Biggest mussels I've ever seen. And our hosts grilled salmon for dinner. That walk in the forest didn't nearly make up for all the food. They've been routing our itineraries based on local restaurants.

Today Mt. Baker is the tentative target.

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