Friday, October 03, 2008

Another Kind of Time Management

What I've been reading: Body Moves, by Jodi Lynn Copeland, Full Moon Rising, by Keri Arthur, Cupid's Web, by Carolyn Hughey

What I'm writing: Chapter 29

First: Some News

My last Cerridwen Press release, Hidden Fire, is nominated for A Night Owl Romance Award in Suspense/Mystery.

If you care to vote, you can go to this site, then scroll way the heck down to Suspense/Mystery in the center column, and hunt for Hidden Fire. There's also a link in the icon in the right-hand column of this blog. I can't promise to do anything about the economy or global warming if you vote for me, but just having a few votes on a ballot that contains some very big-name writers would be cool.

Moving along:

Today, I plan to hunker down and write. Yesterday was very productive, although I find myself in a too familiar dilemma -- handling time. My hero and heroine are apart now, and "real" time happens for both of them. However, on the page, a scene will cover a certain amount of time for one character, but the other character is obviously also moving forward in time as well. I find it a challenge to keep things clear for the reader so they can tell they've backed up in time at a scene break to 'catch up' with what the other character was doing. I definitely don't like using anything intrusive, such as, "While Fozzie was trying to escape, Torie had been busy confronting her grandfather." I also don't like putting little date/time stamps at the beginning of scenes (or I'd have to do it from the very beginning).

What about you? Have you noticed any clever ways authors can seamlessly move you back in time?


Maryann Miller said...

You've been tagged I tagged you from


Ray said...

Burn Censors Not Books. A banner containing a picture of a famous radio talk show host.

I see where even the US Constitution is being censored in its application by political correctness.


Ray said...

I think I must have gotten my time mixed up. Previous comment was meant for your previous blog, obvious I know.

The only time I like the time stamp is if I feel the time was important and I need to go back to look up something in previous scenes.

I don't like the meanwhile back at the ranch either unless it is a song about tying her up on the railroad track while I was taking a bath.

I have not had any trouble following your time lines. In fact your entire story line is seamless.


Terry Odell said...

Ray, Thanks for your comments about time. The fact that they're seamless when you read the books doesn't mean it was easy getting them that way!

Maryann -- I'm on my way out of town, so my response to your tag might have to wait.