Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A one week feature spot at The Red Room

What I'm reading: Tempting Evil, by Allison Brennan

What I'm working on: contest entry evaluations.

Last night I received an email from The Red Room that they wanted to feature Finding Sarah's review from Romance Reader at Heart on their "Best Review" slot on their home page. It's up for a week, and I hope you'll take a peek, and browse the site. And while you're there, pop over to my author page and poke around.

That being said, in accordance with my usual collisions with Murphy's Law, the Red Room site is having trouble this morning and is very slow to load. I hope it'll be fixed soon, or that you're very patient. I'm assuming they'll fix it before my week of 'fame and glory' is over.

Same thing happened when I got the Romance Studio review for Hidden Fire -- that's when they were changing servers, so anyone looking for me (or anyone else on that site, to be fair), got a 'page not found' error.

Today, officially, I'm "retired" from my day job. I emailed my final invoice to the outgoing president,, he approved it, and told the treasurer to cut my check.

I spent half of yesterday getting the membership roster in the format the publisher wants it to take over membership duties, and they said it looked good. I killed any links to me on the website.

I've packed up the postage meter, filled three large storage boxes with binders, files, and goodness-knows-what-else to be placed in storage. All my questions about what to keep and what to trash went unanswered, so everything will be crammed in that 5x5 room. I wonder what will happen when they say they need something. I mean, I don't work for them, right? So what makes them think I'll go back and find what they want? I asked them to whom I should send the keys. Haven't heard back on that one.

I've tried to get the incoming president to give me a forwarding address for the local PO Box. No response on that one, either. Why would he think I'm going to drive to the Post Office, check the box, and mail the contents to the new staff? There's no "office" -- the board is made up of people from all over the planet.

Meanwhile, I have space in my office that can be filled with writing stuff. And I have a LOT of writing stuff.


Destiny Blaine said...

Hey Terry,

I just wanted to stop by and take a look around. The blog continues to look great and it's now one of my regular blog stops!

Have a terrific Tuesday!
Destiny :))

Terry Odell said...

Thanks so much, Destiny. And I hope you'll bring some of your friends over when you visit, too.

You have a good holiday weekend.