Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last minute bits and pieces

What I'm reading: No One Lives Forever, by Jordan Dane

What I'm writing: Chapter 12, scene 2

News to share: All my titles are now available at All Romance eBooks. This should help with one-stop shopping for anyone who (myself included) doesn't like having to go through all the payment information at multiple sites. My Cerridwen romantic suspense novels and my Wild Rose Press short stories are all listed here.

And -- last night I got an email telling me What's in a Name? is a finalist in the Heart of the Rockies Aspen Gold contest. Thank goodness for postage on line, because they need two more copies of the book right away, and we'll be gone before the Post Office opens on Monday.

I totally blanked out on my vacation when I set dates for my website contest. I've extended the deadline to August 15th, so pop over and enter.

I don't think the writing is going to progress much while I'm gone, but I'm loading the ms onto my flash drive in case I find some free time. I'm hoping to use the time in Oregon to get more background information--terrain, flora, fauna, etc. And I'll pick the brain of my retired BIL for law enforcement details.

I'll be back on August 11th. If I have time to post updates while I'm away, I definitely will, so please check in.


mimi said...

Planes are great for revising. You're trapped at 30,000 feet with no Internet access. If you're smart enough to disable the computer games on your laptop, you can't do anything but write--as long as you ignore the crossword puzzle at the back of the in-flight magazine!

Terry Odell said...

Battery life is the problem with my laptop, unfortunately. But my eBookwise has plenty of time, and I can upload my WIPs. But it's more fun to go on "vacation" and just read, not work, for a while.