Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Odds and Ends

First: There's a new contest for July on my website. Caitlin was the winner of my June contest, and her prize will be in the mail today.

I have reclaimed the "sitting room" as part of the house! Of course all the overflow is now piled in my office until I find the motivation to reorganize all the shelves. The recycling bins will be overflowing for the next few weeks, I'm sure. But I'm exciting to have a "writing" office.

To 'celebrate' retirement, I actually cooked a meal, and we ate together at the table. I'd bought a bottle of champagne, but decided to wait until the holiday weekend to drink it. Hubby stopped at the store on his way home with another bottle (and ice cream, which we DID have!)

I've mentioned I'm hooked on the Tennis Grand Slams. What I'm not hooked on is the commercials. When a show is on the air for hours at a time over a two week period, there are going to be lots of commercials. I only wish the sponsors had the money to make a wider variety. I'll never be able to listen to "Let the Sunshine In" again without gritting my teeth. At least in this final week, the matches are alternating between ESPN2 and NBC. I can tell which channel I'm on by the different commercials.

As for writing ... Fozzie and Torie are hibernating while I put together my portion of a panel on short story writing for my RWA chapter and do the required critiques for the contest I'm judging.


D2TM2 said...

You didn't mention the chocolate sauce. Are you testing me?

Terry Odell said...

Nope, just leaving out parts that might get us both in trouble.

Nicole said...

Oh I so don't want to know! My eyes and ears are covered! (but was it dark chocolate sauce?)teeheehee.

Terry Odell said...

Why Nicole -- whatever could you be thinking? We put it on our ice cream, of course. What else do you do with chocolate sauce?(actually, it was plain old ordinary Hershey's syrup).