Thursday, July 10, 2008

My July Contest

My second summer contest is underway. I thought I'd give a peek at what the winner will receive. These are all trinkets I picked up on my trip to South Africa.

There's a "cute" refrigerator magnet, a tea-light candle and a Butterfly Art Mosaic.
From the back of the picture:

"This collage is made from real butterflies. After a natural death (having lived approximately 48 hours). They have been specially selected and treated. Rendering them everlasting and unalterable in all climates."

(Note -- I'm quoting directly, although my internal editor is screaming to fix the punctuation!) Details on how to enter are on my website.

You might have to dig a bit for the answer, but I can't make it all that easy, considering the prizes, now, can I?

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