Monday, January 15, 2007

On Progress

What I'm reading: Galleys for Romancing the Geek; Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich; GH entries, crit group manuscripts.

What I'm writing: Chapter 22. Miss Snark's Crapometer (catching up)

Romancing the Geek is turned in. Here's a quick blurb:

Stephanie's lifelong dream is to design toys—sweet, cuddly toys. Instead, she's hired as a glorified typist. And not even with the rest of the marketing department, but way downstairs in the only available office, which she has to share with Brad, who's a total geek. A geek who's happy programming computer games full of explosions.

They agree to ignore each other while Stephanie waits for a desk to open upstairs. But when Brad has girlfriend troubles—like he can't get Lianne, the cocktail waitress to notice him—he swallows his pride and asks Stephanie if she'll teach him how to talk to women. She agrees, but he's having trouble passing her exams.

More about my Wild Rose titles here:

With my edits done and in production, I've got time to post the next (and last) five of Roxanne St. Clair's Goal Keeping Tips. I've been pretty good about staying goal-oriented so far—but it's only January 15th! However, since keeping my blog current is one of my goals, I'm actually moving forward as I write this.

Here are the tips:
11. Don't think of writing as a chore – think of it as a treat (it beats exercise)

12. When you want to quit, write ONE MORE PAGE

13. Give yourself a "revision day" – no fresh writing one day a week/month—just play with WIP.

14. Pick a craft topic and become an expert

15. Visualize one "dream" goal every night before going to sleep.

If anyone wants the word doc with all the tips, send me an email via my website, or add a comment (but be sure to leave me an email address so I can send them to you.)

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