Thursday, January 11, 2007

On my Jack Kerouac connection

What I'm reading: Thunderstruck by Roxanne St. Claire.

What I'm writing: Chapter 21. Edits and blurb for Romancing the Geek.

This is a drive-by posting. Last night I got the contract offer for Romancing the Geek and a note that said they wanted the final edits done by Sunday. Of course the first edits weren't sent until this morning, and they need those today.

But--why Jack Kerouac? If you look at my Jan 5th entry, you'll see that one of my writing partners, Darlyn Finch, is the current writer in residence at the Jack Kerouac house. She emailed her writing newsletter subscribers late last night (well past my bedtime) about the official date and time for the party, and that more information was on my website. Well, since that was the first I'd seen the final plans, guess what? It wasn't.

Is now. :-) But I've had a rather hectic day so far.

Sorry --- Roxanne St. Claires' next 5 goal tips will have to wait until my next entry. My goal includes a minimum word count each day, and it's past two in the afternoon, I haven't done a lick of the job I get paid for yet, and my count to this point is zero.


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I'm such a fan of Rocki's and Thunderstruck is out? Wow, how did I miss that? Have you read her Bullet Catcher Series? If not, you need to, it's wonderful,

Terry said...

I've read ALL of Rocki's books. And, yeah, the Bullet Catchers series is great. She's got 3 in a single year coming out--not such long waits in between. She's one organized, dedicated, generous lady. And a good writer, too!