Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Goal Tips

While I'm finishing the edits for Romancing the Geek, I'll post the next 5 Goal Keeping Tips from Roxanne St. Claire

6. Call your goal buddy once a week and do a report

7. Write slow and steady instead of fast and furious (2 pages a day is 10 pages a week or easily a book in a year, with editing and time for submission)

8. Get a goal calendar--dry erase four months, write your page goals and check them every week.

9. Don' let the sun go down on a rejection -- the day one comes in, get another submission out.

10. Pick your conferences and contests early in the year and ENTER them as soon as possible -- don't wait until the last minute.


Jessica Odell said...

Seems like a lot of work for a hobby, Mom! **grin**

Terry said...

That's because it's moved beyond hobby -- I have to fill out a Schedule C, which means it's my job!