Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More on Goals

What I'm reading: Long Time Coming, by Sandra Brown; Thunderstruck by Roxanne St. Claire

What I'm working on: Scoring GH entries. Chapter 20.

Have you got your goals identified? I find them highly motivating. When I'd otherwise be floundering, or procrastinating, I can look at my notebook and pick something that achieves one of my goals and feel like I've "done good." Things I might put off until I was "in the mood" now become satisfying because I feel like it's moving me forward, not just something I ought to do when I get around to it.

Yesterday I joined another RWA chapter (there are 3 in reasonablly proximity, and I've been meaning to hook up with at least one other for over a year.) I wrote almost double my word count minimum, and filed receipts from the previous weekend's chapter events. Nothing horribly exciting (except maybe the chapter breakthrough!) but they were GOALS and I can check them off.

A few more tidbits to share. At the meeting, Roxanne St Claire handed out a Goals Tip Sheet. You know, like those handy hints to keep you on your diet, or help you manage your budget. I'll post some here over the next few entries.

1. Write every goal on paper and make sure it is MEASURABLE

2. Post your goals where you will see them every day

3. Don't go to bed until you've written a word minimum (250-500)

4. Keep a daily track of words/pages produced

5. Do one thing every day, first thing in the morning that's on your goal list.

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