Thursday, September 22, 2011

Real Life and Writing (and a giveaway)

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We've had family visiting all week, so we've had a change in our routine. I was going to recycle a writing post I'd posted before, but thought I'd simply share one of our 'adventures.' On the other hand, it IS a writing post, because everything can be considered writing fodder. I can think of several writing connections here. What about you? Leave your ideas in the comments, and I'll given one commenter a download of Finding Sarah once it goes live. And now, join us for tea.

Hubster's sister is a tea aficionado, so we went to our local coffee house that advertises "high tea." In our rural area, any sort of approximation of elegance is rare, so we didn't know what to expect. We know the coffee house well—we have breakfast there almost every Sunday, but despite it's decor, which reminds me of my grandmother's house, it's more 'local grub'—breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy type stuff. And the clientele is usually the "rugged" sort.

We arrived for our tea appointment and were escorted into their back room (the library) which they'd even cordoned off with a red ribbon. The table was set, and we were given a menu with choices of tea.

This is where sister-in-law came in very handy, because she knew what they all were and what they'd taste like. We each chose a different variety, which returned in our individual tea pots. (Sister-in-law and her husband in photo.)

And then we ate. And ate. We started with scones with strawberry preserves and Devonshire cream.

Then it was a salad and quiche...

After that, tea sandwiches.

And dessert – but I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PICTURE! So sorry. There was a decadent chocolate fudge cake, a raspberry Linzer petit four, and a butter cookie with a chocolate frosting. Use your imagination. It was yummy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Terry, you hooked me with the pictures of the food, LOL - and I groaned where there wasn't a picture of the dessert. (imagination strikes!) It looks like a delightful time.

Sharon Sullivan-Craver said...

Hi Terry, loved this blog and the pictures are great too. And I am a tea lover also, so glad there's another one out there. This Tea/coffee house looks great and as I said the pictures were awesome.

Mario said...

Now those are scones! Thanks for posting. Great blog, by the way.

Terry Odell said...

Chrissy - yeah, I was pretty irked that I didn't take the picture, and that nobody reminded me, since I'd been doing it for all the other courses. Trust me, they were good.

Sharon - thanks. I'm still working off the meal.

Mario - they WERE awesome scones. You'll have to come up and try them.

Megan Johns said...

The scones look delicious!

Carol Kilgore said...

You saw that dessert and your brain froze in Yummy Mode :)

Sherry Gloag said...

Loved the pics, my mouth is stall watering!
I much prefer tea to coffee (ducks under the table)
My question is -- how long before that scene turns up in one of your books? LOL

Marian L said...

I love scones and now I'm heading out to get myself one. No matter what is happening in my life-if I can't get into my WIP I write a short story, just to say I wrote today. My goal everyday is 2,500 and most days I make it. Have a great day and enjoy your company. Marian

Paul Hansen said...

Hi Terry,
I enjoy learning from your postings. Keep them coming. I am in the home stretch of the 3rd novel in my trilogy. I've never had High Tea. I'd imagined it included the scones and jam, but a full meal? I think I'd better stay away from the hi cal table, though it certainly looked yummy.
Paul Hansen

Elizabeth Randall said...

Nothing as fun as high tea -- growing up in northern Canada, our closest neighbour was a tea afficionado and a fabulous baker. I've missed tea since relocated to Missouri :(

Christine Warner said...

Wonderful post and pictures! We have a terrific coffee shop not far from us that serves tea and yummy sandwhiches and scones and desserts, but the setting is more like the setting from the television series 'Friends'...I liked the one in your pictures much better. And the food...though I would've loved to have seen your dessert...after the awesome pictures of the other courses, my imagination didn't have much trouble coming up with what they looked like. Great website...enjoyed it :)

Ray said...

Is that the Devonshire clotted cream? I had the good fortune to have tea and scones with fresh fruit and clotted cream in an upscale hotel in Charles Town Harbour in Cornwall. A friend of my friend took us to see the set of a movie that the BBC had just completed using real tall ships and scenic facades of old style buildings at the piers. We also visited a shipwreck museum. The most interesting thing I learned at the museum is that gold does not corrode in sea water. It looked as good as new even though hundreds of years old.

Seeing the photo reminded me so much of a wonderful day I had several years ago in a visit to Devon and Cornwall.


Terry Odell said...

Megan--and everyone else. Yes, the scones were fantastic. I might have to start ordering them for breakfast when we go for our Sunday coffee.

Carol- guess so. All thoughts of cameras vanished.

Sherry - oh, I'm sure there will be bits and pieces in future stories. I've already written a 'tea afficionado' in my Pine Hills series.

Marian--good for you. Maybe I ought to count responding to comments in my word count, too. I admire your 2500 words.

Paul - good luck with your trilogy, and glad you enjoy the blog.

Elizabeth - I think the best high tea we ever had was at the Empress Hotel in Victoria.

Christine - the ambience of this place is delightful, and so unexpected.

Ray - yes, it was clotted cream. No shipwrecks here!

Jayne Ormerod... said...

I never ventured into a High Tea place because I thought it was a "white gloves" establishment, but seeing all that delicious food, I think I need to visit!

Now I'm off to find a scone somewhere near where I live!

Yummy post!

Terry Odell said...

Jayne - no white gloves around here! Even the owner/server was wearing jeans and a nice polo.

Joanna Aislinn said...

I'll pass on the tea but may I have an order of those scones, please? They looked amazing. Second, those tea sandwiches. Not sure why they call it 'tea.' Works as 'supper' at my end!

Thanks for sharing this, Terry!

Pat Marinelli said...

Absolutely love high tea. My sisters and I try to do it once a year.

I'm surprised they started with the scones. We usually start with tea and sandwiches and then go for the scones and desserts. Once place here adds soup to the full menu also. Way too much food for me. But I still love high tea.

Terry Odell said...

Joanna - we certainly didn't feel like eating for a long time--even after hiking for about 3 hours.

Pat --this was Florissant, Colorado, after all. Their "high" is probable "medium" elsewhere. But we were stuffed and everything was fantastic.