Friday, March 05, 2010

On the Road - and SleuthFest Sex Panelists

Normally, I'd have a Friday Field Trip posted today, but I've been taking a 'real' field trip, but at 70+ mph on the Interstates, there aren't a lot of nifty photo ops. Plus, I'm not exactly sure where I packed the cables that let my camera talk to my laptop, and my cell phone camera doesn't do anything justice. And, most of my travel shots are on my PC, not my laptop.

Some observations – interesting signs at one of the rest stops:
Also, I had to stop and think about the signage where one sign directed people to "wheelchair accessible stalls" and another to "ambulatory access stalls."

After the stress of trying to cram everything into the back of hubby's pickup and my Honda Fit (my neighbor made out very well with things that didn't fit), we did one last "I hope we have everything" pass through the house. The electric and water companies were timely in shutting off service.The closing was relatively painless. One last trip to Panera for a sandwich and WiFi, and we hit the road.

Hubby and I have different driving styles, so rather than frustrate each other, we set up rendezvous points at rest stops along the route. Tuesday night was spent in Tallahassee, and Wednesday in Hattiesburg, which is where I'm writing this. The Holiday Inn chains offer free WiFi, which means I can check in twice a day.

Scenery isn't breathtaking, although there are some glimpses into the wetlands with cypress trees festooned with Spanish moss. And there was the long-haired man wearing a backpack with a cardboard sign strapped into the back reading "I-10 West" walking along the highway with a small dog on a leash. Of course, questions arise, all of which would make for an interesting character. And man driving a pickup towing a U-Haul, with the woman obviously following behind, her small car stuffed to the brim with household possessions. Very similar to our situation, although we nixed the U-Haul after seeing the cost, and have managed to keep all the "stuff" in my car below the level of the front seats so I can see out the rear window. But one wonders if they're moving to something new, or away from something bad, or if they even know where they're going.

Jason is doing photo shoots in the Everglades this week, so I'm hoping he'll have more of his great nature photography to share, if not next week, then shortly thereafter. I'm still open to guests sharing pictures.

And, for anyone who's been curious about the answers to the Sex panelists identities, here they are:

Keep Reading...

1. At the age of 12, one read "Forever" by Judy Blume, and considers it a major literary influence. Our absentee panelist, Barry Eisler

2. One is a former hairdresser who once weighed 250 pounds. Amy Fetzer

3. One graduated from high school before being legally old enough to drive a car. Rhonda Pollero

4. One was a misfit in high school who sported a brown, black and gold Mohawk. Traci Hall

5 At a publisher-sponsored launch of this author's book, models with painted-on bustiers strutted on a makeshift catwalk. Leanne Banks


Terry said...

Love that sign!

Terry Odell said...

Yeah, it did tend to make one walk with downcast eyes. The weather was chilly enough that we didn't really worry about it -- much.

Carol Kilgore said...

You're moving right along. Have fun.

Jemi Fraser said...

Glad the move is going well. I like the plan to have rendezvous points rather than trying to keep up with each other on the roads - very good plan :)