Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Field Trip - More from the Everglades

Although it was nearly 70 degrees today, there are winter storm warnings for tomorrow and Saturday, with snow, whiteouts and temperatures down into the teens. I thought it might be a nice change to share some more of Jason's Everglades pictures, in case there are more folks stuck in the snow. My cousin reported being without power for 97 hours in New York.

Sunset at Pa-Hay-Okee


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Purple Gallinule

Great Blue Heron

Wood Ibis

Snowy Egret

Double-crested Cormorant

Little Blue Heron

Another sunset at Pa-Hay-Okee

Thanks once again, Jason. Be sure to visit his gallery.


Mason Canyon said...

Beautiful photos, especially the last sunset. We have some sun today, but it's always helps to see photos of warm places. Thanks for the trip.

Jemi Fraser said...

That sunset photo is incredible! I love the diversity of the birds in the sunny south. Beautiful :)

Debra St. John said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous pictures.

Terry Odell said...

Thanks -- I'm over at Jason's house watching the grandbaby, which doesn't make for much computer time, but it's fun. His mom had oral surgery yesterday, so we're trying to let her take it easy.

Pass the link on so others can see Jason's handiwork!

Mary Ricksen said...

The pictures are just wonderful. I can tell that you put a great deal of time into that craft too!

Terry Odell said...

Jason's the photographer, Mary. I will admit to a little nurturing of the hobby when he was a kid, but he's done the rest on his own. And very well.

Terry said...

Love his capture of the Great Blue Heron. Those birds are fun to be around on the beach when people are surf-fishing or when you have some food about.

Jason's photos are beautiful.

Carol Kilgore said...

Beautiful. And Jason's a fantastic photographer.