Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We're OFF!

I won't relax until I figure out what I've forgotten, and that can't happen until we're on the road. I did remember that after looking at all the 70's/50's temperatures, I added warmer stuff, but then my husband said it's been 100 degrees in Victoria Falls, so I went back and added another pair of shorts and some lighter weight tops. My checked bag slid in under the weight requirement according to our bathroom scale. Haven't weighed the big one that we're leaving in Cape Town.

I got a contract offer for Hidden Fire yesterday, but too late to sign and mail the paperwork until I get back. That'll be with Cerridwen Press.

Finished going over the major changes to When Danger Calls and turned that back to the editor. No time for a line-edit read, but I can do that later. Also, I think that's what the copy editors do.

So -- posts will be sporadic at best, but keep checking.

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