Friday, November 02, 2007

Counting Down To South Africa T minus 3

Worked on the galleys for Hurricane Breeze yesterday. Found some typos, some clunkers. Nothing terribly major. I tried to "like" my cover a little more, but it's not going to happen. I mentioned it to my editor, but they don't normally revise covers. What do you think? Can you find the dog? Rottweiler was definitely NOT in the description I gave the cover artist. And I said the heroine was a 'free spirit' not a belly dancer. At any rate, most of the bigger houses don't give author input; I'm spoiled because Cerridwen Press does.

Let's see -- yesterday's other glitches. Not too bad. I had to get the frames of my glasses fixed/adjusted. On the way back, I was waiting at a stop-sign controlled intersection for the car that had arrived shortly before I did to make up his mind and get going when there was a rather loud bump and a jolt. The driver of the car 2 cars behind me had lost control (it was raining) and hit the car behind me, pushing it into mine. With mixed thoughts, I decided to let the two of them decide what they wanted to do, because it was raining and I didn't have any significant damage to my rear bumper, and it wasn't worth filing a claim for a little dent. Not to mention I didn't have the hours it would take to get someone 'official' on the scene.


barbara huffert said...

I think it's just so sad that you're disappointed with your cover. No matter how happy you are with the book, that's always going to take away from it. I'm sorry.

A fender bender is about the last thing you need right now! Glad your car wasn't bad and you didn't have to hang around.

Have you had time to get excited about the trip yet?

Terry said...

Stress levels are high, I admit. I think covers are something authors have love/hate relationships with. We "see" our characters, and the art department gets a couple of paragraphs to bring them to life. It doesn't always work. Suzanne Brockmann wrote of her absolutely most-handsome Navy SEAL in one book, and the cover came out with the "Pillsbury Dough Boy." Roxanne St Claire had a vision of her heroine as someone in work boots, very much the car mechanic type and was disappointed with the floral tunic top the cover people gave her. And PJ Parrish once agreed to create a scene to match a cover that had nothing to do with the book in exchange for the PR people changing the back cover copy talking about Sizzling Florida Heat when the book took place during the coldest winter in Florida history!

I'll live -- but I was curious to see if others thought I was crazy not to love it, or if they thought something felt "off" too. At this point, I'm the only one who knows who the heroine is (and that belly dancing plays no part in the book)